Aurora State Airport

Aurora State Airport

Aurora State Airport is the state’s third busiest airport and one of only 84 general aviation airports in the nation identified by the Federal Aviation Administration as nationally significant.

The Aurora State Airport, in 2012, saw a total of 94,000 operations which equaled 117,675 general aviation visitors.

The 2014 Oregon Aviation Plan’s Economic Impact Study found that the Aurora airport’s economic impact equaled nearly $600 million dollars, not including tax revenue generated from property or income tax.

Private property at the airport pays an estimated $780,000 to local taxing districts for land and buildings (not equipment) including the Aurora Fire District, North Marion High School and Marion County.

The Aurora State Airport employs 1,200 people this includes two of the best and biggest heavy-lift helicopter companies in the world—Columbia and Helicopter Transport Services, the biggest kit-plane manufacturer in the world, one of the biggest avionics dealers in the country, and life flight air ambulance. An additional 274 jobs off the airport property are directly attributed to off airport visitor spending, totaling nearly 1,500 jobs.

The development and implementation of the Aurora Airport Master Plan is critical for the region’s economy. A longer and strengthened runway, along with the tower that is being constructed will provide a safer experience for all pilots and for the communities around the airport.

The airport attracts corporate headquarters and larger companies to the region, providing family wage jobs that benefit our citizens. Companies have chosen to locate in our region in part because of the airport and the ability of executive to fly in and out. Having an airport so close for corporate flights with a control tower gives the region a huge advantage when competing with other region who cannot offer a regional airport.
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