Southend Corporate Airpark Hangars

Why lease, when you can own your own hangar and the land under it?

Southend Corporate Airpark also has building pads available that can deliver hangars buildings of 3,300 to 100,000 sq. ft. each. Our design and construction team has the experience and knowledge to deliver your new facility on time and on budget. We are also your best choice for keeping acquisition and long term costs low. The tax advantages of Oregon are some of the best in the nation with no state sales tax and no personal property tax on aircraft and our facility lease rates are below industry averages.

With all your business needs handled in one location, enjoy exclusivity and modern luxury in your hangar and office with fuel, maintenance & repair onsite. Global companies such as Columbia Helicopters, FLIR, Helicopter Transport Services and Vans Aircraft have chosen to base their world-wide operations in the efficient and relaxed environment of the Portland-Aurora State airport.

Available Hangars

Hangar Papa

Listing #: Hangar Papa
Square Feet: 22,769 sq ft
Price: Call Us

Hangar November 75

Listing #: Hangar N 75
Square Feet: 3,300 sq ft
Price: Call Us

Hangar Mike 62/69

Listing #: Hangar M62/69
Square Feet: 8,800 sq ft
Price: Call Us

Hangar Charlie

Listing #: Charlie
Square Feet: 11,300 sq ft
Price: Call Us

Build to Suit

Listing #: Build to suit
Square Feet: 12,000 to 95,000
Price: Priced to fit any budget